Take a Tram in The Dam!

   Walking through Amsterdam’s city centre, you will quickly find yourself dodging two fast-moving objects, bicycles and trams. Where do these trams go? How and where do you board them? How much are they and where do I purchase tickets? All great questions, and luckily you have the fun guide to help you through this mess.

   The first thing that you need to know about riding the trams in Amsterdam is that you will want to purchase a OV- Chipkaart.  This is similar to an atm card which can be loaded with prepurchased fare. The OV-Chipkaart will cost you 7.50 euros each card, will last for five years and will save you cash in the long run. With the Chipkaart base fares are .79 cents euro and will charge another .10 cent per kilometer. The card can be purchased just across from Central Station. http://www.gvb.nl/english/travellers/touristguide/english/Pages/Wheretobuy.aspx

   The Trams are easily accessible and will take you from the city center to the outskirts of the city. The trams rum from about 6am through just after midnight but check the schedule before you head out to make sure you will have a tram back. Take a look at the map and tram it up to somewhere new. http://www.gvb.nl/english/travellers/maps/Pages/Maps.aspx

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One Response to Take a Tram in The Dam!

  1. Getting ready to leave for Amsterdam next week. Read your write up on OV-Chipkaart and thought it was incomplete as it did not include the disposable version. I’m thinking of choosing the 168 hour disposable version and hoping that the two (2) non-GVB leads that I’ve uncovered will prove to be sources for the kaart as they are much, much closer to my Hotel than Centraal Station. Keep doing the Amsterdam blog, it has been very helpful.

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